There are many family prayers for children with struggles. This prayer is written by a parent of a struggling son who found peace and has helped other parents with their children. I have also included excerpts from other parents’ prayers, which I found helpful.

Prayer For My Struggling Son

God of Wisdom, the Creator of heaven and earth, I pray that your light comes down on my son and guide him to the righteous path. He has strayed so far away from you and your teachings. I pray you to open his eyes to see the light as it shines.

I plead with you to manifest your love for my son in a new way, in a way that he cannot deny. Let him see the love that is there for all who seek you. Let him feel the love that is there for all who seek you. Let him know that you love him and will lift him if he chooses to follow your path.

I pray that you see my son’s heart and that your light shines down on him, that you send angels to guard and protect him. I pray that your light will surround him and bring peace to his mind and soul. Let my son learn who he is as a person made in the image of God, and let him embrace his true self.

Please deliver him from this violent life full of death and destruction. He does not want to live this way, but the evil one has a hold on him. Please let him know that he is not alone and that you are with him, even in the dark times when he cannot feel you.

I pray for my son’s salvation. I pray that his life will be restored to him and that you will use this trial as a means of his purification so that he may be saved through your grace and mercy. I pray for the light of your love to shine through his life and for him to be delivered safely from all harm.

I am not worried about anything other than my son being saved from this evil. I am not concerned about him getting away because I know that you will deliver him. He only needs you to open his eyes and show him the light so he can see the truth and find where he is going in life.

I pray that you give him the strength to continue because I know you will perfect everything according to your will. You are the giver of life, and I believe my son is being kept safe by your angels flying through the air.

I give you my son, I give him to you, in your hands I trust him. Please take him from this terrible place, and let him be saved through your grace and mercy. Please do not allow his life to be wasted for nothing. Show my son the truth about himself, about who he is.

I remember the story of the prodigal son and how he was lost and came home after a long time. I remember how he was forgiven and given a new lease on life. So I pray that my son will be forgiven, that you will raise him to a higher place, and that he can see the truth in his heart and peace within himself.

You have always shone your light upon me, and I thank you. Please take my son from this situation and lead him to the light where he can grow. His life has been so painful these past many years, and I want him to live as joyfully as you allow, with peace in his heart.

Please let your love surround him and guide him constantly so that he will know who he is as a person made in the image of God. You promised that you would always be his Father, his Guardian Angel. So please deliver my son from this suffering, and lead him to a life where he can be safe and happy.

In your Mighty name, I pray, trusting and believing, knowing that you are my hope and my salvation.



If you have made it through the entire list of prayers, I hope you have found them to be thought-provoking and helpful in your life. The struggle to overcome addiction is not easy, and I hope you have received some spiritual support from the prayers and devotions on this page.

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