There are many signs that God is speaking to us. we just need to know how to determine what these signs mean. If you’re anything like me, when you have a question, prayer is the first thing that comes to your mind. But this is not always enough. Sometimes we need to know how to interpret what God’s response means and yes, He speaks in different ways!

During the day’s flurry of activity, we can have a hard time discerning what God is saying so that we can follow Him. However, the truth is we CAN discern from His signs. In other words, we can identify the voice of God through HIS sign.

Signs are often different from voice. Signs are more general and universal. They give us information, in a sort of roundabout way (though they may still be awesome). Here are seven ways God might be interacting with you in a way you never anticipated.

7 Signs God Is Talking To You

Number 1. While serving others, people miss the point

You can be quite resistant to hearing the message of a servant. You may have a very different picture, based on your own experiences, or you may not be in that place yet. Often you are just so busy and focused on your agenda that it’s hard for you to listen to their views. Has someone you served ever said something to you that changed your life?

I’ve had that happen to me, and I have also been on the receiving end of a comment that showed me how wrong I was. God does not always make His presence known directly to us. However, He can use other people to change our minds about what we want and what we need. Offering a lending hand to someone in need can be an act of communication. If we put ourselves in the shoes of the person we serve, and if we are open to listening, God will use this opportunity to grant us what we need.

Number 2. Reading the bible

Whenever we want to speak to God, we usually do so through prayers; And prayers are one of the best and most powerful ways to connect with God. But did you know that reading the Bible can also be a form of communication? Yes! God communicates to us through the bible as well, and it is important to note that God speaks in many different ways.

We can often be too close to the bible, reading into it what we think it should look like. We read verses that fit our view of the bible, but we miss out on the deeper meaning of it. God doesn’t always reveal His will to us in a direct way. He also doesn’t always use scripture as a direct guide to doing His will.

Number 3. Love and kindness showed by other people

Love and kindness shown by other human beings may catch us by surprise. It is in these instances that we are most touched by them. We want to respond the same way. God uses this to speak to us and tell us that He wants us to do more of it.

We get it wrong when we think God only communicates through prayer or Word. Sometimes, the best way that we can hear from God is through other people. Maybe they remind you of your kindness or love and maybe this is why they are showing love and kindness!

Number 4. Satisfaction we get through prayers

God might be using your fears as a way of teaching you a lesson. Maybe you are skeptical to the point that it can even become burdensome. But if you listen carefully and genuinely, perhaps God will want you to understand what He is trying to say. But most of the time, he communicates with us through the feelings in our hearts, not just through our minds.

We may not even understand why we feel the way we do toward certain people, places, and things. But as we learn to listen to God more and reason with Him, He will grow closer to us and lead us in the right direction. We can get a feeling of peace in our hearts just by praying to Him, even if we are not sure what the answer is.

Number 5. Compassionate treatment

We have probably been taught that the best way to do God’s work is in a very calculated and organized way. And while it often works very well, there are times when we just can’t make those plans happen. For instance, you were not expecting to see a friend in the hospital and be led to visit them there.

We can be surprised by how often God works in these ways. He doesn’t always lead us where we want to go, but He will lead us where we need to be! Sometimes, Compassionate treatment is one way to communicate His desires for us, and also how much He loves us!

Number 6. Ideas and actions in our thoughts

There are also times when God gives us ideas and it’s not as if we can just snap our fingers and make them go away. They just come to us, and we never had them before or imagined we can have them. This is one way we can discern if God is speaking to us or not.

When thoughts come to our minds about certain things, it can be a real mystery for us why we are thinking the way that we are, and we may think this is all crazy! But God will not give us irrational thoughts. He only communicates through the things that matter, and that’s what matters to us in our lives, our thoughts about Him and His will for us.

Number 7. Taking God’s will as the final authority

Sometimes, God will spring a surprise on us, and it can be a very special way to communicate with us. God is always trying to give us what we need, but He will only do so if we are open and receptive to it. Sometimes, we may not get the idea that comes from Him at all, but we begin to understand through accepting His will for our lives above all else.

If we are open to receiving, God might be guiding our hearts and minds toward something we never expected. But if we are closed to receiving Him, He might not bring it up at all. Only time will tell what His intentions for us are. And God can only speak to us through the things that matter in our lives. which is why we must be willing to accept His will above all else.


Are you ready to hear from God?

God’s will is what He wants for us. We need to learn how to listen to it for God to speak to us. And we will do this by being open and receptive to how we are being led by Him. We stay open to what He is trying to tell us even when we don’t understand it.

And we stay open when God uses other people to communicate with us. We embrace the opportunity of being led by Him and He will show us how we should live, each step of the way. There will always be a specific reason why God is leading our lives in a certain way.

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