The ability to create a positive ripple effect in the lives of so many people is something that spiritually gifted people naturally possess. They have a great talent for elevating the spirits of others, bringing positivity and praise to things that already look positive. This is one of the main reasons why they are called spiritually gifted because they can use their giftedness as a gift to the world. They seem to just be unstoppable, with a passion for what they do.

Have you ever felt unique and distinct from others, somehow? Did you know you were gifted but didn’t know how to use it? Did you make excuses and try to hide it? The truth is, if you are spiritually gifted, you are already aware of your special talent. It might not be apparent at first, but once it does become obvious and it begins to manifest in your life, the next step is realizing that there’s more to it than just being unique. There’s a bigger message behind your unique gifts that can help everyone around you. If you believe this to be the case, you’ll probably identify with the following:

Signs Of A Spiritually Gifted Person

Number 1. You Exude A Calming Aura

Being spiritually gifted means you are smart and wise, and this is something that manifests in the way you carry yourself. The presence of your soul exudes special energy that makes others feel comfortable around you even if they don’t know you. Being spiritually gifted is like having a special power to bring peace and comfort to others, whether it be through words or actions. You can put others at ease, which makes them feel more relaxed in your presence with no or little effort at all on your part.

Number 2. Animals are calm around you

Animals are one of the most sensitive and intuitive creatures. They can sense things you and I can’t, and this is why they are often used as a symbol of intuition. You seem to connect with animals in a way that others don’t. Animals can sense negative energy and will react to it by running away or being defensive. But when you’re around, animals can’t help but be drawn to you, making all their defenses go down, so they can play and be friendly. This is because the energy you exude is not only a calming aura but also filled with positive vibes and energy.

Number 3. You’re learning more about your true spiritual journey

You may not realize it, but you’re on a spiritual journey. This means you’re probably familiar with different practices and methods of meditation, that you practice regularly or have tried in the past. This journey is like a rabbit hole that goes deeper and deeper, as you discover more about yourself. You feel deeply connected to the spiritual world and want to learn more every day because it makes you happy. You know there’s something more to life than just this physical realm, so you’re on a quest to understand your place in the universe and understand who you are.

Number 4. You Are Instantly Connected With People You Meet

You can easily establish connections with new people, almost instantly, because you are intuitive and quick to pick up on their energy. Even if you’re new to a group of people in a new place, you’ll instantly feel connected and establish a conversation flow with them. You’ll have great chemistry with people you meet, and you’ll find it easy to meet new people regularly because it’s natural for you.

Number 5. You’re perceptive of others’ emotions

When someone else is sad, you’ll feel it too. When someone else is happy with their life, you’ll be happy too. You can feel the emotions of others, even if they’re not as intuitive as you are. This is because your mind and spirit are so connected to the spiritual universe. You feel what others feel to some extent, and while this can get a bit overwhelming at times, it also brings out a great sense of compassion in your heart.

Number 6. You’re intuitive, but you don’t need to look into a crystal ball

You don’t need to look into a crystal ball or use any other tools to know what is going on with someone else. You feel connected with the universe, and you can feel when things are off or when there’s something wrong with someone’s energy. You can sense if someone is ill, going through a rough time or even if they’re up to no good. And it seems like you’re the only one who notices this concerning the individual in question. And this sense will help you become a better friend, who is helpful and caring.

Number 7. You are affected by weather changes

If the weather changes, so will you. When it’s raining outside, you feel uneasy and sad. But if a sunny day comes along, then you’ll feel happy and overly optimistic. You can even experience mood swings with the weather. It almost seems like your moods change depending on the weather, which is not only against nature but also quite strange in itself.

Number 8. You’re a true individual and live in your reality

The spiritually gifted frequently have a keen awareness of both their internal spirituality and their sensations and emotions. They can identify their energy and sense their surroundings. This isn’t an easy thing to do and not everyone is intuitive. It takes serious practice and dedication to maintain this ability, but if you do, it enables you to be true to yourself in all ways. You live in your reality, which allows you to focus on what’s important to you and others, and let go of material things that don’t matter in the end.

Number 9. You can envision things that others cannot

It seems as though you know more than others, and this is because you can visualize things that they cannot. You can see the future, or details of your past lives, which is a gift that will help you achieve great things in life and make the most of your time here. Spiritually endowed people have access to completely distinct universes of ideas, while others feel limited to thinking only within the confines of this world. When you’re spiritually gifted, you can see so much more than others can, and this is where your true power lies.

Number 10. You’ve been reading the stars for a long time

You spend a lot of time looking at the sky, even if it’s just to get away from your chaotic and busy life. This is because you’re inspired by looking at the night sky, and it makes you feel as though you’re in touch with something larger than life itself. This sense of connection to something bigger than yourself fills you with hope, so you look up to the stars whenever you want to feel hopeful again.

Number 11. You are sensitive to criticism

Spiritually gifted people can be quite sensitive to criticism. This is because they don’t like to hear others speak negatively of themselves, and they also feel things through others. For example, if someone is upset about something you did, you’ll instantly feel bad and apologize for it. This may be related to your ability to the perception of others’ emotions and feelings. You can hear, pick up and feel what others are feeling, which is quite unusual.


Many traits and signs may point to you being spiritually gifted. The above 11 traits are just a few of them, but if you have several of these abilities, then you should consider yourself a spiritual gift. Spirituality is about embracing who you are and developing your sense of self. You can do this by practicing meditation and visualizing your goals before you achieve them. Remember, there’s no way to know for sure if someone is gifted or not until they show the world their true talents and abilities.

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