Have you ever had an experience where you felt protected, a sense of calm, or peace quickly enveloping you? If so, then you may have just had your guardian angel at work. Every human is born with a guardian angel who helps them in all aspects of life. If you are religious, you may believe that guardian angel are God’s love being expressed to you. Others prefer to think of it as an angel spirit that comes to earth to help people when they need it the most.

An angel is a divine being who will protect, heal, and guide us on our journey through life. They strive for our pleasure and tranquility, but they’re here to assist us in accomplishing our life’s purpose on this planet. They provide us inspirational and wise words to help us get through difficult moments in our life and the lives of others we care deeply about. They also send us warnings to help us avoid trouble and danger. Some common ways in which people experience angels are through:

11 Signs That Guardian Angel Is Watching Over You

1. Finding A Coin

Has someone ever told you that they found a penny the day they needed it? Well, they may not have been just telling you a story. Angels use coins to show us that they are present and want to help us. The coin you found may be trying to tell you that your guardian is there to protect you and guide you through a tough situation or period in your life.

The meaning of each coin follows:

Pennies – Pennies can be a sign that your guardian angel is there to help you when you need it the most. Oftentimes, they will leave a penny behind just when you need a little extra luck.

Nickels – A nickel, especially if you find it heads up, is a sign that your guardian angel is watching over you and that everything will be okay.

Dimes – Dimes are signs of protection and help from angels.

Quarters – Angels use quarters to show us that they are protecting us and are on our side. It is a sign of luck and prosperity.

2. Babies and animals

These special beings are said to ask us to pay attention and let them know that they are there, along with the messages they have for us. Oftentimes, babies are considered messengers of angels because they can be very pure and innocent.

You may observe your infant smiling and looking at what appears to be nothing. Alternatively, you may observe your dog or cat tracking something invisible around the room with their eyes. When a baby or animal shows any of these signs, it is said to be a sign that a guardian angel is present and guiding you.

Alternatively, you may have found yourself at the front door of someone’s house unexpectedly and then noticed a baby or pet on the doorstep. This could be considered to be an angelic sign if it happened for no reason.

3. Flashes of light

Have you ever had an experience where you felt as if a bright light has been shined in your eyes? Do you remember being confused, startled, or even scared? This could be a sign that your guardian angel is present and asking for your help. Their purpose could be to tell you to pay attention and not to ignore what is happening.

While these are all signs that your angels may be trying to send you an indication of their presence, the appearance of white lights may also be connected to other reasons. A flash of light could mean many things. One such message could be:

“I’m here with you and I’m always watching. I’m not going away, I want to protect you.”

4. Scents

Have you ever felt a feeling of calm or peace but couldn’t identify the source? Maybe it was in a place where you felt like no one could have possibly have been, yet it was there nevertheless. When you encounter an unexpected smell that fills the air or reminds you of fond memory, this could be an angel’s way of letting you know that they are there.

Some common scents that angels may send are Lavender, Vanilla, and Chocolate.

5. Feelings of tingling, goosebumps, or chills

The presence of Angels can be recognized through a sensation of tingling, goosebumps, or chills. Depending on how you feel when you feel them, it may indicate that your guardian angel is with you. This is another way in which they can show their presence; this time by sending a message to you through your body.

Goosebumps and chills can indicate the presence of a guardian angel as well. Some people have even had the experience of seeing silver light in the sky which they have described as angels descending to help guide them.

6. Dreams

Dreams are an especially powerful way of connecting with Angels. If you have ever had a dream about your guardian angel or received a message from them in a dream, then you know exactly what this is like. You may not have always recognized it as a “dream”, so perhaps you have just thought of it as a conversation with your Guardian Angel, where they came to visit and communicate with you through your mind’s capacity for visualization.

7. Rainbows

During the day, a rainbow can be considered to have many meanings. It could mean a new start, happiness, or another positive meaning. Many believe that rainbows are a symbol of hope and encouragement for us to continue on our journey through life. It is also believed that rainbows are the “pathway to Heaven” and if you are lucky enough to see one then it is said that you will have good luck for the rest of your life.

At night, rainbows can often show up as a dream or in your thoughts. Rainbows at night are meant to signify that someone very close to you has passed away or has moved on.

8. Angel Numbers

Angel numbers may appear repeatedly in your life, such as an address or phone number. Some people may receive certain numbers in “coincidental” ways, such as through license plates, billboards, and many other forms of advertising. These numbers are said to be angel numbers and the angels are sending us a message through them.

Some common angel numbers include important messages for you:

Angel Number 111 is A sign of guidance and support from your angels.

Angel Number 222 says Angels are with you at all times to help and protect you.

Angel Number 333 says Angels are present to help you through life’s difficult times.

and Angel Number 444 tells Angels are always there with you by your side and guard you.

9. Birds (in particular: hummingbirds)

The presence of a hummingbird can symbolize a message of hope during difficult times, as well as love and loyalty. When you see a hummingbird it may mean that your guardian angel is nearby and trying to show you something. Or perhaps the hummingbird helped to deliver some sort of message to a loved one who has passed away.

10. Clouds with symbols and images

Angel clouds can appear in the sky and are often seen by people. If you notice a cloud with an unknown symbol or image on it, this could be a sign that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you. The symbol or image may serve as a reminder of something meaningful to you, an aspect of your life that needs healing or it could have some other message for you.

11. Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus is the area of your body where your mind and emotions are based. It is known to be a prime location for Angelic energy to influence our lives. When activating your Solar Plexus, you may find yourself in a very state of peace, connected to the cosmos and in tune with your Angels.

You may also achieve this by reading a book or listening to certain kinds of music that activate this area of your body. When you are in tune with your Solar Plexus, it is said that a guardian Angel will be able to communicate with you more clearly.


As mentioned above, each guardian angel has its own set of signs and symbols which they use to communicate with us. There are also some common themes and actions that you may notice from time to time.

Above all, whatever method the angels choose to use to communicate with you, know that they are always there for you. They love and care about you deeply and will do anything in their power to help protect and guide you throughout your life.

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